Our vision is it of seeking to improve the quality of life in all those children who live both in our province and in the neighboring provinces, those who are left his luck, placed in an uncertain future.

It is for it that from foundation we realize treatment to our patients, meanwhile we accompany the results and let's believe better living conditions, integration and health in a more just and equitable society inside a welfare and educational frame. 

Not only we want to work for one he recovers in his disease, but also to be able to represent in the sanitary and educational integrity of the children, those who are inserted in a family and in a social particular context, helping looking together for a future of major happiness.


Our mission is dedicated for the attention of children by congenital surgical malformations, assisting those of major complexity, as leporine lip, and other particularities inside the infantile surgery.

This is realized approaching the malnutrition as factor of risk, while we promote the social education, the professionals' training in the way that they develop, and epidemiological investigations, encouraging the search of solutions across an interdisciplinary commitment with an important social impact.



Realize children's report FLAP and other congenital malformations in localities and cities of our province and bordering provinces.


To realize programming surgery and to realize them in possible places of treatment, based on the complexity of the pathologies and the sanitary resources necessary for his execution.



To promote the creation of suitable conditions for the treatment of the pathologies in the place of origin, avoiding unnecessary movements and of high social cost. 


Realize formative courses of pathologies prevalentes in pediatrics, trying to accompany and fix guidelines of criteria, diagnoses and treatment to the professionals of every place of the province.


To collaborate in the creation of equipments, so much interdisciplinary as of parents in every region with the aim to promote a social commitment and an ideology of help for the couples.


To realize epidemiological studies that promote the investigation inside the area of factors of risk in the formation of congenital malformations. ​​


To realize children's population report with problems of bad nutrition.


To realize integral treatment to the problematics of the malnutrition on the basis of the CONIN methodology, compromising the parents and the family in the process.

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What do we do as foundation? 

Realizar estudios epidemiológicos que nos permitan conocer la causa de las malformaciones y los factores de riesgo.

Conseguir recursos para dar continuidad a los tratamiento quirúrgicos, reconstructivos u otros.

  • We realize epidemiological studies, which allow us to know the reasons of the malformations and the factors of risk.

  • To realize the surgical necessary treatments in free and integral form, creating chains of follow-up and control.

  • Obtain resources to give him continuity to the surgical, reconstructive or different treatments.

  • To create agreements with other provinces and / or institutions, of free form for craked children or with another problematics, for a multidisciplinary treatment. 

  • We realize reelevations and later boardings to the problematics of the malnutrition in the province.

  • To improve the prenatal diagnosis moving the mother and the child for his attention in the suitable time. 

Realizar los tratamientos quirúrgicos necesarios en forma gratuita e 

integral creando cadenas de seguimiento y control de los pacientes.

Crear convenios con otras provincias y /o instituciones, de manera gratuita para niños fisurados o con otra problemática, de manera multidisciplinaria. Creando centros con la misma finalidad en su lugar de origen.


Mejorar el diagnóstico prenatal trasladando la madre y el niño para su atención en el tiempo adecuado.



PRESIDENT: Dr. Anibal Ojeda

SECRETARY: AA. SS. Patricia Bazán

TREASURER: Lic. Agostina Menardo

TITULAR MEMBERS: Dr. Daniel Argañaraz

                                       Lic. Romina Flores

                                       Dra. Ivana Martínez

SUBSTITUTE MEMBERS: Dra. Daniela Martínez Masier

                                         Lic. Evelin Vallejo


Dr. Anibal Ojeda (Surgeon). Patricia Bazán (Coordinator), Lic. Agostina Menardo (Psychologist), Lic. Evelin Vallejo (Psychologist), Dra. Susana Beltramo (Pediatrician), Lic. Belén Flores Chaparro (Social Worker), Lic. Silvana Uribe  (Phonoaudiology), Dra. Ivana Martínez (Dentist), Dra. Daniela Martínez Masier (Dentist), Lic. Romina Flores (Nutritionist),  Guillermo Martin (Administrative Secretary), Matias Vionnet (Press and communication). 


Psicology: Fundación H. A. Barceló (Agreement of interinstitutional commitment since 2012).

Nutrition: Fundación H. A. Barceló (Signature of record of interinstitutional commitment since 2014). 

Foundation CONIN: Centro CONIN La Rioja, Capital. (Signature of solidary exemption since June, 2016).

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¿Donde estamos trabajando?

Nos encontramos trabajando en la Residencia medica del Hospital de la Madre y el niño, ubicado detras del mismo.

¿Cuales son los horarios de atención?

La atención se realiza: -Martes (16 a 20 hs) Miercoles y Jueves ( 9 a 13 hs)

¿Cómo puedo colaborar con Fundación Rioja?

Si deseas colaborar con nosotros, podes hacerlo a traves de donaciones tanto materiales como económicas. Ademas, si deseas formar parte del equipo o deseas ayudar de otras maneras, podes cominucarte con nosotros por medio de las redes sociales.

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